About Us

At the farm we focus on simple, sustainable ways of living close to and with nature. Stay in an earthen natural house, and learn local healthy cooking.

Welcome to YouSabai and Gin Dee U Dee, we are a part of the Pun Pun Center for Self Reliance located in a small village in Mae Teang province, 50 km North of Chiang Mai City. We live in simple earthen houses, close to nature and we strive to live off the land.

The meaning of our names:

Pun Pun, YouSabai and now Gin Dee U Dee! Why are there all these names? What’s the difference? Well Pun Pun is the name of the center (and affiliated restaurant in Chiang Mai) which hosts sustainable living & self reliance internships, workshops & courses.

YouSabai is the name of the guest houses which serve as the accommodations for Gin Dee U Dee and Pun Pun. Gin Dee U Dee offers vegetarian cooking courses (also called the Pun Pun cooking course)and yoga retreats. The name translates from Thai to mean “eat well and live well”, this is our philosophy and we aim to share it with you.

A little about the instructor: Krit

Growing up alongside the Chao Phraya river in Thailand’s smallest province just north of Bangkok, Krit’s home was always filled with the scents of sweet vegetables, spicy herbs and sour tamarind; the quintessential Thai flavours. His grandmother and mother were often called upon to lead the cooking team whenever there was a village function.

Krit hung out in the kitchen so he could sneak samples of all the food, and it was during this time that he developed a love for food. Listening to his parents and the villagers talk as they cooked he learned about food, recipes, and more importantly how tasty food can actually be the best natural medicine. Eating the right food in the right season as well as eating particular foods or herbs when feeling a bit sick is the best way to maintain your health.

Coming to Chiang Mai in 2003 he met many people practicing yoga and after learning with them he realized that yoga postures were similar to his normal set of exercises he developed after years of playing takraw. After traveling to India to understand more deeply the practice and philosophy of yoga he realized the connection between yoga, food and good health.

Krit feels that by eating well and keeping your body active and strong is the best way to live and he wants to share this philosophy for healthy living. Living at Pun Pun since 2005 he is an active community member and runs Gin Dee U Dee which hosts vegetarian cooking courses and yoga retreats at the farm.