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Contact details and directions to help you find the YouSabai

Email & Phone number:


Thailand mobile # 085 720 6201 (outside Thailand 6685 720 6201)

Where is the farm:

The farm is located in a small village called Baan Mae Jo, in Mae Taeng district. This is about 1 ½ hours north of Chiang Mai City. It is located beside a community forest area and a short walk to the local swimming area at the reservoir. The whole area is more than 20 acres and has a mostly Thai people (and a couple foreigners) living in community working on the land; growing and harvesting a variety of heirloom organic vegetables and saving and distributing organic seeds.

 Transportation options:

If you would like to come to the farm on your own you have a couple of choices, BUT please call before you leave the city:

  1. Enjoy the adventure of public transportations- You can take the white trucks (songtaew) to Mae Taeng which leave from Chang Puek station (about 500m from the North gate of the city), this ride will take about 1 ½ hours. Get off at the 3-way intersection to Mae Ngat dam (this is after the market town of Mae Malai) and take a motorcycle taxi (at the junction) to the farm, or we can pick you up from there.
  2. Let the wind run through your hair and drive up on your own- Take Highway 107 north out of Chiang Mai and turn east / right at the Mae Ngat dam intersection. Then it is not too complicated but best to call for directions.