Kind words from friends who have stayed with us

Visitor Comments:

“Krit, I am so glad we found your cooking class. It is much nicer cooking with the birds and trees than with tuk-tuks and motorbikes. You explained everything very clearly and it was also very relaxed and fun. The food tasted better than in a lot of restaurants in Chiang Mai, and the dishes are treasures we will bring back and share with friends.”

Toji, USA

“Thanks, Krit your class is amazing. I really enjoyed and learned a lot. The atmosphere of your class and the environment is lovely. I felt really good energies. Thanks for the yoga class, peace.”

Delphine, Switzerland/ Colombia

“Thanks so much Krit for a great cooking course. We learned so much and you make it so easy and fun. The experience of living at your farm just added to it. We will tell our friends.”

Barb & Tony.

“I must say this was quite the blend of enjoyment, learning, socializing, breathing, stretching the body and most importantly eating! You have an amazing thing going on here, self sufficiency is such an intriguing and crucial idea that needs to spread across the world and you are doing just that. We loved our yoga with Krit, Mot’s coffee and cooking, cooking, cooking. Hope to come back, nonetheless see you at Wat Suan Dok.”


“Thank you Krit! It was such a pleasure to learn. The recipes were delicious. Also thanks for being so flexible and relaxed with our children.”

Mary, James, Esme & Ilsa, UK

“Fantastic, I can’t believe I can make all my favorite Thai dishes, I can’t wait to make it at home, thank you Krit”

Joy, Australia

“Krit, too much fun! We have a great time, enjoyed the food and especially loved being out of the city and in a place where we could breathe and be silent. The yoga was a special touch, keep it up you are doing amazing stuff here.”

Shana, USA

“Thanks Krit. Can’t wait to get home and impress all my friends and family with some authentic Thai cuisine. Best Thai food I’ve had hands down.”

Mark, USA

“Krit, awesome course! Yoga was great and your energy in the kitchen was always relaxed and positive. I wish you peace and ease in all your endeavors.”


“Dear Krit, thank you for the instruction and friendly guidance in cooking, as well as sharing all your knowledge in regards to health, farming and culture & just little fun facts! I feel I have gained so much more than instruction and recipes. So fortunate to have taken your course.”